Contrasts of life


In 2014, my friend Malin and I did a 3 months backpacking trip to India, Bali, Burma and Sri Lanka. It had a completely different motivation than my very first backpacking trip in 2010. Shifting the focus from parties, cities and sunbathing to yoga retreat, hiking in the Himalayan mountains and surfing in the Indian ocean. And the best part of all, the awareness of the similarities and differences in cultural lifestyles. I guess we had grown up (a little bit) in one sense, realizing that there is so much more out there so explore, ways to travel and connect with people than just being on a beach or in a city.

We got to experience amazing nature, new local friends, dirty cities and social gaps in India. What amazes me with this trip was that Malin and I somehow got to experience all of this in the most local way possible. The Yoga retreat was run by Indian people, no luxury and no western yoga style. We did the Roopkund trek with a group of 20 Indians from all over the country. In Delhi, we got to catch up with one of the girls from the trek and cooked food at her place together with her family. Agra and Taj Mahal… well that was a typical tourist journey but we experienced a truly Indian way of travel by train.

Continuing our journey, we experienced a lovely wedding, relaxation and western influence in Bali. Welcoming people, beautiful coastline and no sights of tourist in Burma. Surf, crazy bus drivers and more surf in Sri Lanka. All of these countries showed us a different experience in lifestyle, nature, food and culture. That is one of the key reasons I love to travel. To understand or don’t understand other countries and their way of living.