Life in Australia


In 2011, I decided to move to Australia. I fell in love with the country during my visit as a tourist in 2008 and 2010. I didn’t have much of a plan except finding work, a place to live and take the rest as it comes. I started off in Sydney and ended in Perth with a few stops in between. I spent most of my time cruising along the east coast from Melbourne to Brisbane, working within the hospitality industry from hotel receptionist and waitressing to helping out at a surf camp. Later, I settled down on the Gold Coast where I started a Bachelor of Communications at Griffith University.

During my time down under, I got to know myself and how to build up a life in another country. Everything from everyday chores, applying for jobs and understanding the government system to making new friends and learn how to surf. It wasn’t always easy to handle the challenges that came across – team work, learning academic English, travel by myself and building relationships. However, it has for sure made me a stronger person and I’ve learned a lot about my own comfort zone and its boundaries.

Writing about these years makes me amazed by how people adapt new cultures, languages and lifestyles. What inspired me the most down under is the outdoor lifestyle and how it forms social activities. How easy people got together, enjoyed a BBQ by the beach or met for an early surf followed by breakfast before work. In short, Australia brought me challenges but most of all new perspectives of life quality and what I value in my life.