Life in the Mountains


I’ve always dreamed about doing a winter season in the Alps. My parents have been taken me and my brothers on several trips to Austria and Italy during our childhood. Being in those small villages surrounded by massive mountains inspired me a lot as a kid. When I had my school holidays in Australia (which is European winter, December to February) in 2012/2013, I decided to apply for jobs in the Alps. I wanted to improve my skiing and try out life in the mountains. And so, my very first season started as a waitress in a Hotel located in Engelberg, Switzerland.

To be new in a small village wasn’t as difficult as I thought. There were other people doing their first season and I realized that everyone living in this village want to be right here because of the same reasons – the passion for skiing and the mountains. That was priority one, not what kind of job you had. As long as you got some income to be able to live in the spot where you could perform your passion, nothing else matters. That was something new to me, to see people choose their passion, the activities or the place that made them happy before career, money or anything else.

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I came back to Engelberg for another season in 2014/2015. It felt like coming home and I felt safe. You are somehow in a bubble with no worries. Surrounded by similar minded people always keen to do some kind of activity in the mountains. Why didn’t I live like this? I’ve come to the conclusion that I like challenges. Not only physical but challenges that stimulates brain activity and problem solving. That’s why in spring 2017, I took the opportunity to take my current studies and work with me to the Italian Alps. Together with my partner, we lived in a small village called Alagna.

He worked from distance and I did my studies and kept my extra work ongoing via my computer. I love how digitalization and technology have made it possible for people to perform their jobs in a place where they want to be. I’m aware that this is not the case for every industry. However, it made me happy to see that people who wants to live close to nature can stay there and not be forced to move to the cities. I hope it can save the countryside, especially in Sweden.