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Linnea Längberg

 Interaction Design Student





I'm Linnea Längberg, an Interaction Design student from Stockholm, Sweden. I love colors and pattern. In nature, people, design, interactions and technology. I believe good design is everything and it can truly help us achieve something better. Hopefully with a little twist of craziness and humor along the way.

So why did I start studying interaction design? After a couple of years working and studying in Australia and a few winters in Switzerland, I felt ready for a new challenge. I've always had a sense of logical thinking and an interest in humans but actually never heard of interaction design before. When I later read about it and realized how it combines design, psychology and technology, I applied straight away to Stockholm University and the Interaction Design program.

Today, I'm in my final year and I see interaction designers as a significant role in society. To make todays' challenging IT environment usable to everyone. My goal is to understand this role, what it's like to actually work as an interaction designer. Further, I like to deepen my knowledge in the design process through exciting projects and would like to develop my skills in programming, as it has recently caught my attention and I love it!

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Lifestyle. Culture. Work. Love. Education. People. Nature. 

My interest and curiosity to see the world and all it has to offer has shaped me to the person I am today. Since 2009, I have worked in various industries both abroad and in Sweden. All new places, experiences and meetings with people from different cultures have inspired me a lot. Travel is my greatest passion and inspiration source as there is so much out there to explore and learn. 

This is a selection of many trips I've done since 2010. They have played a big part of my life. 
I usually end up in places close to the ocean or the mountains, as I love surfing, skiing and hiking. 

Life in Australia

2011-2013. Work, study and living life down under.

Life in the mountains

Season life in Switzerland and Italy.

Backpacking India Burma Bali Sri Lanka

In 2014. A 3 month backpacking trip.


Get in touch! Throw me any questions and I will be happy to answer them.