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Graphic Design

Graphic identity

This project was a part of the course Vector graphic, provided by Uppsala University. Link to the graphic manual can be found at the bottom of this page.

Project description

The project was to create a graphical profile/manual for a fictional or real company. The work process contained brainstorming and research, reference materials, sketches, completion and delivery. The manual consisted logotype, typography, colors and graphical guidelines.


I chose to create a graphical profile for a fictitious company as the time frame was limited. The profile I set up was a design agency with two female employees. My goal was to communicate the company's identity in a dynamic, professional and serious form, yet inviting and curious. I came up with the name Cool Beans which I think match the company's personality. It is an expression that refers to great, fine, remarkable and similar positive words. A slang term that began in the late 60's and popularized by pop culture.

Work process

Together with my friend Ellen Jansson, we started sketching ideas. We had a brainstorming session with playful fonts and clear sans-serifs for good readability. When the logo was decided, I started to work with a graphic manual. To obtain a visual touch and feeling, I used mockups and the colors orange, turquoise and graphite grey. Playful and professional together, both the warm feeling of orange and the turquoise that symbolizes representativeness, dignity and stability.


Results & Challenges

One of the challenges was the set time frame and to decide an alternative to continue working with. However, I think it's important to work after a clear deadline to increase productivity. After the project, I can say that I look at logos, typography and colors differently. I notice more details and the overall flow that the logo, typography and color bring together.


Cool Beans


MAR-JUN 2017


Adobe Illustrator