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Intranet Prototype

Project Description

Looström Gelin is a structural engineering company based in Stockholm with about 30 employees. In order to improve and facilitate internal communication and company infrastructure, the company expressed a need of an intranet. This is an ongoing project that I work on together with the CEO and management. The project aims to map the different needs for communication and file management in order to find a relevant solution. During the project, managers and employees have been included for feedback and input.

Problem area

At the moment, all internal communication is done via mail and documents are uploaded to a server. Many of the employees do not see internal emails as they easily disappear among other unread mail. They also found it difficult to find relevant internal documents on the server. The internal infrastructure needed to be organized and simplified.

Phase 1

Based on ethnographic observations and collection of requirements from the CEO, I made a first draft of an intranet prototype. The prototype was presented step by step to the management team in a workshop. Feedback and comments on content, structure, layout, design and functionality were recorded and included in the next version of the prototype. That became the final version (link to prototype at the end of this site). The prototype and a brief requirement specification was used in quote requests to 4 different suppliers. Due to budget and needs, the project is currently in the position of testing "ready to go" communication tool, such as Microsoft Teams. This platform will be evaluated before the management decide whether or not to invest in an intranet. 


The challenges have so far been to create a clean and simple to use intranet with as few clicks as possible. As some intranet tend get complex, filled with too much information, I focused to organize the most common needs expressed by the management and staff in a navigation menu. I don't want the user to drown in information presented on the screen. The set time to create the prototype made me focus only on the browser view. The intranet will be responsive in order to be used on different types of devices. Another challenge have also been to question whether an intranet is the right solution or if the company could start off with some of the "ready to go" communication tools on the market, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams and Yammer. This question have made me set up a test team to evaluate these tools before we take the next step to invest in an intranet.


Looström Gelin


June-ongoing, 2017