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UX Design

Usability Evaluation

This project was conducted as a part of the course Evaluation Methods held by the Department of Computer Science at Stockholm University.

Project description

The project was a validated and comparative usability study of the company Xtravel's website according to ISO (9241-11: 1998) definition of usability. The project aimed to investigate the differences in interaction and usability between the web- and mobile version of the website by using user tests.

Background & Problem area

Xtravel is a travel agency that offers its customers adventurous trips, especially skiing and surfing. When the company launched a new website by the end of 2015, a number of usability issues were identified by the employees. Also, the mobile home page was not fully developed. The problems included the amount of information exposed in current text, unclear feedback for the user and difficult navigated booking process.


The project was conducted with ten test subjects who performed 5 tasks each. Five people tested the mobile version, and 5 people tested the web version on a computer. The data evaluated functions, such as information retrieval and travel booking, as these may be considered relevant for a travel service. Data was collected via the think aloud method, video recording, timing, count of clicks, and usability form. The collected data was then analyzed. Result and further recommendations of design changes was given to Xtravel in order to increase the usability.


One of the challenge was to stay “natural” during the testing, to not influence the user while trying to complete the task.




May, 2016